Everything Is Amanda Tapping And Nothing Hurts

“And I think for creative people, it’s really important to scare the crap out of yourself. I think for anyone, in life, as soon as you start to feel like it’s too easy, scare yourself.”
- Amanda Tapping

A blog dedicated to the wonderful Amanda Tapping, my inspiration and role model. I honestly believe she is one of the most kindest, special, generous, funny and (I have to say it) unbelievably attractive people to ever have have existed.

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Amanda Tapping’s Smile

Because it’s basically the most precious thing ever let’s be real here.


Helen Magnus in Sanctuary for None Part 1 & Part 2


Amanda Tapping- Evolution Expo [x]


50 favorite Amanda Tapping photos - 32/50 (with special guest idiot Richard Dean Anderson)


Amanda Tapping - FedCon 23


You attach a litte S.O.S. note to their feet, and… bloop!

Quarantine │ Stargate Atlantis │ s04e13 


It’s good to see you again.
- Enemy at the gate | Stargate Atlantis | s05e20


Sam asks Jacob about his morning coffee in Death Knell.

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